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2015 - 11 - 25 Release time: 2015-11-25
[Spot] 260 grams of cotton men's lapel T-shirt (fine cotton honeycomb bead, a total of 15 colors)
2015 - 06 - 14 Release time: 2015-06-14
Can provide customized services and OEM services 1. Fabric customization: All our products can be made from various grades of fabrics from 120 grams to 260 grams, for example: 100% cotton, 100% polyester, TC, CVC, cotton + spandex, cotton + Bamboo, jersey, pique, single-sided, double-sided, etc. 2. Custom design: If you have your own design, welcome to send your samples or templates, we can make it according to customer's requirements. 3. Custom packaging: Usually we pack 1 pc / PP bag, 60-120 pieces per box (60 * 40 * 38). We can also pack according to customer requirements. 4. Customization of trademarks or labels: We also welcome customers to design their own logos and labels. 5. Color / size customization: we can produce products of different colors and sizes according to your requirements. 17 production experience on producing all kinds of clothes 2. One of our products is carefully designed, including men's and women's sportswear, t-shirts, polo shirts, baseball caps, down jackets, vests, uniforms, etc. 3. We have a strong purchasing team to professionally purchase all materials requirements of customers. 4. We can provide OEM and ODM services according to your special requirements. 5. Our company is located in the capital Beijing, we always provide the best quality products and reasonable prices. 6. We have a professional quality inspection to inspect each manufactured product.
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You never understand the pain of clothing

2017-08-23 Date: 2017-08-23
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Clothing man exclusive paragraph


The clothing industry tests the psychological quality of life

Tremendous stress

Let's talk lightly today

How can you not laugh at yourself as a costume

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A customer came here today, chatting and chatting. The customer suddenly said to me: People are like your clothing, but the price is much cheaper than you. I laughed without saying a word, then took out my iPhone7, skillfully opened the back cover, took out the battery, blew the dust inside, and skillfully installed the battery, and covered the back cover! Say to customers: laugh! This is just new on the Internet, the appearance is the same, 598 yuan, but also dual card dual standby! The customer smiled and said: Continue to the topic we just had! 品质,不需要解释 ——Quality without explanation

服装人的痛  你永远不懂

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I do n’t know how to fall asleep, mosquitoes bite

I have to sell clothes, but I ca n’t escape

I can't stand itching with a bite

Clothes sell well and mosquitoes are fed

服装人的痛  你永远不懂

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Bright moonlight in front of bed, money is tight recently

How do you live your life?

If you want to buy clothes again, pay back the money first

Let me have a full meal without panic

服装人的痛  你永远不懂

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Before I did clothing, I was always struggling, my back was sore, my legs were cramped, my whole body was weak, and I didn't have energy! Hey, once you get into clothing, your waist is not sore, your legs are not cramped, your hands have become more flexible, you are not tired, and you have become energetic. If you are not energetic, customers will run! The amount of food has also gone up, and I used to feel that it was not tasteful-picky eaters!

Put on your clothes and have no more meals. Hungry, so hungry! If you are hungry, you can eat whatever you like. The clothing industry has caught up with the doctor: cure! If you have anorexia, dizziness, fatigue, cramps and other symptoms, then make clothes! Guaranteed effect!

服装人的痛  你永远不懂

0 5

Now I'm shouting for fever, I recommend a few Jieshu recipes :

First, think about how many clothes you sell a day, half-hearted!

Second, think about your rent for this month has not been paid, and my heart is drawn!

Third, think about the supplier calling again to collect money, and the back blew away!

I tried it and the heat removal effect was good.

Just a whim, I checked the accounts receivable of the shop again. After checking, I covered the quilt silently and inserted the electric blanket!

服装人的痛  你永远不懂

0 6

I forgive you for credit, who forgive me for not having money ... money? In stock. What about the goods? sold. What about the money sold? Owe it! What about the recovered money? In stock. Did you make any money? Earned. Where is that money? Do not float outside, just store in the warehouse, in an infinite loop . The bank saw no water, no balance, and tears when said too much ...

服装人的痛  你永远不懂

0 7

A reporter interviewed a woman: your husband is not with you, aren't you afraid of others in your old convention? Woman: No, he's a costumer, so busy! Reporter: ... won't he go wrong with it? Woman: No, he has a lot of things. He gets up early every day, gets into the wind, goes in the rain, and is more busy than ghosts. Reporter: ... Do you think this is good? Woman: Fine! In this line of business, I don't have enough money to find a woman, and I don't have time to find a woman. Besides, who can look after him! Reporter Dawu: ... It's the Chinese husband who makes clothing !

服装人的痛  你永远不懂

0 8

Woman: Is there a villa? Man: No! Woman: Is there a Land Rover, Audi? Man: No! Female: Is there a 7-figure deposit? Man: No! Woman: So what do you have? Male: I ... The female is ready to turn around and leave. Suddenly the man said: I do clothing wholesale. Woman: I immediately turned around and hugged the man's waist, and said adoringly, "Dead ghost, don't you say earlier, in such a difficult environment, you are still alive, that's enough !" !! !!

——The most inspirational micro-speak in 2017

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"When I make enough money to sell clothes, I will divorce you immediately," he said lightly. After listening, she felt warm in her heart, she thought, there was no longer than this promise .

---- 2017 Best Micro-speaking Award

服装人的痛  你永远不懂


In the past, I always wanted to sell clothes when I slept; after that, I did n’t sleep to sell clothes; later, I could n’t sell clothes and could n’t sleep; later, I was able to sell clothes and could n’t sleep, but now I ’m still asleep. Selling clothes .

服装人的痛  你永远不懂

1 1

你在我这买衣服,我一定会记住你 When you buy dozens of houses in Wanda, Wang Jianlin won't remember you; you charge a bunch of coupons at Tencent, and Ma Huateng won't remember you; when you shop on Taobao, Jack Ma won't remember you; Buying clothes, I will definitely remember you !

服装人的痛  你永远不懂


Because I bought clothes, I talked to you 3 times, and you rejected me with 9 words: 1. It's too expensive; 2. I don't like it; 3. Look again. With only 9 words, the doctor will use up your money: 1. Very serious; 2. Can be cured; 3. High cost. If you are sick, you have to be cured, but you must wear clothes!

服装人的痛  你永远不懂


A customer just asked me, "Are you still open for the holidays?" What a joke? The earth does not explode, we do not take a holiday ... the universe does not restart, we do not rest ... the sky is blue and the smoke and rain, and I am waiting for you! 你来,就是旺季;你不来,就是淡季 There are no four seasons, there are only two seasons. When you come, it is the peak season; if you do not come, it is the low season . In the wind and rain, I am waiting for you!

服装人的痛  你永远不懂


Recently I got angry, the doctor gave me the pulse and asked me to drink boiled water, walk, be vegetarian, and not eat meat and seafood! I nodded and asked him: What's wrong? The old Chinese doctor said: You sell clothes at low prices and thin profits! Too much pressure, not suitable for high consumption! Get angry when you spend money!

服装人的痛  你永远不懂


Yesterday, I asked a clothing owner: Business is in a bad mood, everyone is under great pressure, how are you sleeping? He replied: sleep like a baby . I said: Deserves to be a master. I can still sleep! He murmured in silence: hey, I often wake up in the middle of the night, cry and sleep again ...

服装人的痛  你永远不懂


Q: How is the clothing business this year? Answer: I have used the power of floods. Q: The business summary in the first half. A: Ghosts know what I've gone through, and sometimes they feel worse off. Q: Are you looking forward to the next market and business? Answer: No, I'm very satisfied to be alive. Q: What do you think of yourself in this half-year business? Answer: I can't believe it's the second half of the year right now ...

Cotton clothing customization has begun

服装人的痛  你永远不懂

服装人的痛  你永远不懂

服装人的痛  你永远不懂

服装人的痛  你永远不懂

服装人的痛  你永远不懂

服装人的痛  你永远不懂

服装人的痛  你永远不懂

服装人的痛  你永远不懂

服装人的痛  你永远不懂

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