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2015 - 11 - 25 Release time: 2015-11-25
[Spot] 260 grams of cotton men's lapel T-shirt (fine cotton honeycomb bead, a total of 15 colors)
2015 - 06 - 14 Release time: 2015-06-14
Can provide customized services and OEM services 1. Fabric customization: All our products can be made from various grades of fabrics from 120 grams to 260 grams, such as: 100% cotton, 100% polyester, TC, CVC, cotton + spandex, cotton + Bamboo, jersey, pique, single-sided, double-sided, etc. 2. Custom design: If you have your own design, welcome to send your samples or templates, we can make it according to customer's requirements. 3. Custom packaging: Usually we pack 1 pc / PP bag, 60-120 pieces per box (60 * 40 * 38). We can also pack according to customer requirements. 4. Customization of trademarks or labels: We also welcome customers to design their own logos and labels. 5. Color / size customization: we can produce products of different colors and sizes according to your requirements. Why choose us: 1. The company was established in 1997, in 17 production experience on producing all kinds of clothes 2. One of our products is carefully designed, including men's / female sportswear, t-shirts, polo shirts, baseball caps, down jackets, vests, uniforms, etc 3. We have a strong procurement team to professionally purchase all materials requirements of customers. 4. We can provide OEM and ODM services according to your special requirements. 5. Our company is located in the capital Beijing, we always provide the best quality products and reasonable prices. 6. We have a professional quality inspection to inspect each manufactured product.
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96 stores big promotion From September 6th, our store can be used for 50 yuan purchase coupons over 800 yuan, support for cross-store use only September 7-September 30, support the coupon shop to use a single order to pay 50 yuan to get 50 yuan Replenishment 劵 Single order paid 600 yuan to send 100 yuan replenishment 劵 Single order paid 900 yuan to send 150 yuan replenishment 劵 In addition, there are coupons in the store to receive the cumulative transaction of the buyer after reaching the transaction threshold At the beginning of next month, you can automatically receive the merchant's rebate amount. A single order is over 300 yuan. A lamb T-shirt is included. An order note. Men's and women's colors and sizes. The following color sizes are available. Autumn and winter new products. In the past, those who live tomorrow lose the future, and those who live today have the past and the future.
2017 - 09 - 05 Release time: 2017-09-05
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Tanabata Valentine's Day has been launched for single dogs, please evacuate after all ... after all, someone else is walking on the street today ... others are in the cinema ... others are in the restaurant ... even my father has to call Greetings: Have you ever lived alone on Qixi Festival this year? Today I booked a restaurant with your mother for dinner. You call for takeaway and you can only be single. Do n’t be sad. Do n’t be sad. The intimate editor will send you a guide. Find a corner to hide. I'm so busy pretending that I'm with my couple on Valentine's Day. Where do lovers go? That's right, the cinema! Then go to the movie theater to reserve a room and ask your friends, family and friends to buy all the movie tickets for the movie theater on the day of Qixi. Yes, it ’s wayward! Raiders Three Valentine's Day, what's the most popular? Roses, yes, it ’s roses. Then make an appointment in advance for the city ’s roses. Guidebook IV. Couples who have booked all the restaurants, still have a candlelight dinner for Valentine's Day? I have booked all the couple seats in the restaurant suitable for couples, but I wo n’t give you a seat! (The above Raiders are purely funny ~) The five strongest Raiders are: Before you meet the right person, all you can do is work hard to make yourself better, such as reading more and exercising more. Love and be loved on Qixi Festival It is the hardest but sweetest practice in this world. I hope you can have such luck, meet someone, and go to the end with this life. May everyone can meet the love in their dreams. May the love be beautiful and look back over the years. May the love be with you for a long time. Love said loudly that I heard that the most beautiful encounter in the world is to rub shoulders, the most beautiful vow is a lie, the most beautiful love was yesterday, and the most beautiful thought is never to meet. Show your story on the message. We will pick out three of them to send out new sweaters. Two pieces have not yet been sold. Early access. The new release will be released soon ...
2017 - 08 - 30 Release time: 2017-08-30
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服装人的痛  你永远不懂
The clothing industry's exclusive segment, ABOUT, the clothing industry has tested the psychological quality of life. Shanda has a relaxing topic today. How can a person who is a clothing company not come to laugh at himself? 01 I came to a customer today, chatting and chatting, the customer suddenly said to me: People are like your clothes, but the price is much cheaper than you. I laughed without saying a word, then took out my iPhone7, skillfully opened the back cover, took out the battery, blew the ash inside, and skillfully installed the battery, and covered the back cover! Say to customers: laugh! This is just new on the Internet, the appearance is the same, 598 yuan, but also dual card dual standby! The customer smiled and said: Continue to the topic we just had! ——Quality, no explanation required How can I spend the days when money is tight, I can only buy rice soup if I want to buy clothes again, so I have to pay back the money and let me have enough food. I do n’t worry about it. Before I did clothing, I was always tired, back pain, leg cramps , Whole body fatigue, no energy! Hey, once you get into clothing, your waist is not sore, your legs are not cramped, your hands have become more flexible, you are not tired, and you have become energetic. If you are not energetic, customers will run! The amount of food has also gone up, and I used to feel that it was not tasteful-picky eaters! Put on clothes and have no more meals. Hungry, so hungry! If you are hungry, you can eat whatever you like. The clothing industry has caught up with the doctor: cure! If you have anorexia, dizziness, fatigue, cramps and other symptoms, then make clothes! Guaranteed effect! 05 Now I'm shouting for fever, I recommend a few ...
2017 - 08 - 23 Release time: 2017-08-23
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Halloween costumes originated from pranks. Adults take their children out together (generally, adults drive and park by the side, and children say, "Trick or treat without sugar. Adults require children to go to the door and have holiday decorations in advance. People who have turned on the light, otherwise they should not be disturbed. In addition, they must always wait at the gate during the sugar begging process, and they are not allowed to enter the house. The recovered sugar must also be submitted to the adult for inspection before they are allowed to eat. For home-made food, not for unpackaged food. Halloween costumes are full of people, not just monotonous big ghosts. The simplest way to make a ghost costume is to use a white sheet on your head and pull two Leave holes in your eyes; if you want to play as a magician, put on black clothes and black pants, then put on a black top hat, and hide a fluffy bunny between the top hat and the top of the head. The child puts on white clothes and white pants, and then A flashlight is tied behind the head and dressed as a little angel; there are also parents who dress their children as cartoon characters they like. Mode Magazine continues to be obsessed with 100 years of fashion series. This section introduces Halloween trend of a hundred years.
2016 - 11 - 01 Published: 2016-11-01
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In Germany, no company is rich overnight and quickly became a global focus. They are often "small companies" and "slow companies" that focus on a certain field or product, but they rarely have "bad companies" and never "fake companies". Germany, a once backward industrial empire. The German nation started industrialization very late. When Britain and France completed the industrial revolution, Germany was still an agricultural country. After the Germans entered industrialization, they also went through a similar “copycat stage” as today's China: learning from Britain and France, stealing their technology, and imitating their products. To this end, the British Parliament also passed amendments to the "Trademark Law" on August 23, 1887, requiring all German imports into the British mainland and colonial markets to be marked "Made in Germany". "Made in Germany" was actually an insulting symbol at the time. At the beginning of Germany's industrialization era, scientific research at universities was completely disconnected from production. Although the "World Science Center" was in Germany at that time, Americans were very clever. After returning to China with a degree in Germany, they did not just go to colleges and universities to do research work, but went to the market to run businesses. At the beginning of the 1890s, German scientists went to the United States to find out that the United States had the highest scientific and technological gold content in industrial products. This was why the policy of "combining theory with practice" was clearly put forward, and the development of applied science began to be vigorously promoted. Because Germany has a strong foundation in basic science, it soon established a link between scientific theory and industrial practice, thereby bringing together a team of world-class scientists, engineers, and skilled workers in half a century, leading With the "Internal Combustion Engine and Electrification Revolution", Germany's industrial economy has achieved leapfrog development. Since then, German machinery, chemicals, electrical appliances, optics, and even kitchen appliances and sports goods have become the world's highest quality products ...
2016 - 06 - 28 Release time: 2016-06-28
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Beijing Qianbaidu Clothing Co., Ltd. will participate in the "Northern Gifts & Home Flagship Exhibition" held at the National Exhibition Center in Beijing, August 17-20, 2011-the 24th China Beijing International Gifts, Premiums and Housewares Exhibition meeting. Beijing Qianbaidu Clothing Co., Ltd. sincerely invites new and old customers to visit our booth. Qianbaidu is located in Hall 1 with booth numbers 1H36 and 1H38. It will display summer, autumn and winter clothing. You will see new fabrics and styles of clothing. I look forward to your visit and wish you a successful work. Hall Name: Beijing. China International Exhibition Center Hall Address: No. 6 North Third Ring Road East, Chaoyang District, Beijing Bus: 606, 104 Expressway, 18, 367, 515 International Exhibition Center; 300 Express, 379, 419, 300, 467, 536, 623, 641, 671, 683, 954, 984, 特 8, 967, 801, 718, etc. Get off at the station road. To the subway: Dongzhimen Station of Metro Line 2—about 3.8 kilometers—Sanyuanqiao Station of Metro Line 10—about 1.3 kilometers To the airport: about 20 kilometers To the railway station: Beijing Station—about 10 kilometers Beijing West Railway Station—about 22 kilometers Beijing South Station-about 18 kilometers The article is an independent opinion of the author and does not represent the position of the Alibaba-Israel Chamber of Commerce. Reprinting this article requires the author's consent, and attach the source and article link.
2015 - 06 - 01 Release time: 2015-06-01
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Warmly celebrate Beijing Qianbaidu Garment Co., Ltd. being honored as an independent opinion of the author by the Beijing Gifts Circulation Association. The article does not represent the position of Alibaba and the Chamber of Commerce. Reprinting this article requires the author's consent, and attach the source and article link.
2015 - 06 - 01 Release time: 2015-06-01
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☆ BVQI is the French Bureau of International Inspections, BV for short. It was established in 1828 and is an international organization specializing in quality and environmental system certification and other industry standard certification. Its headquarters is in London. ☆ BVQI is the authoritative certification body with the largest number of certification companies (second in the world) and reputable reputation. BVQI participated in the formulation of the ISO9000 standard and a series of industry standards, and made great contributions to the development and promotion of the standard. BVQI conducts system certification business through experts in more than 580 offices in 154 countries around the world, and is recognized as the world's most international certification body. Because of this, BVQI's certification has won the most widespread recognition in the world. ☆ Qianbaidu officially passed the strict inspection and certification of BV company in 2014, which provides us with better service to customers at home and abroad, and provides a more authoritative proof of strength. Qianbaidu is willing to cooperate with you sincerely! ☆ Our philosophy: efficient details, customer first, perfect service! ☆ Our mission: Think what our customers want, urgency what our customers need, and satisfy our customers' needs! ☆ Our pursuit: With the meticulousness and a thousand degrees of enthusiasm of Baidu, we will give you thousands of Baidu services! ☆ Our goal: to build the first brand of Chinese gift and apparel group purchase! The article is an independent opinion of the author and does not represent the position of Alibaba-Israel Chamber of Commerce. Reprinting this article requires the author's consent, and attach the source and article link.
2015 - 06 - 01 Release time: 2015-06-01
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