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2015 - 11 - 25 Release time: 2015-11-25
[Spot] 260 grams of cotton men's lapel T-shirt (fine cotton honeycomb bead, a total of 15 colors)
2015 - 06 - 14 Release time: 2015-06-14
Can provide customized services and OEM services 1. Fabric customization: All our products can be made from various grades of fabrics from 120 grams to 260 grams, such as: 100% cotton, 100% polyester, TC, CVC, cotton + spandex, cotton + Bamboo, jersey, pique, single-sided, double-sided, etc. 2. Custom design: If you have your own design, welcome to send your samples or templates, we can make it according to customer's requirements. 3. Custom packaging: Usually we pack 1 pc / PP bag, 60-120 pieces per box (60 * 40 * 38). We can also pack according to customer requirements. 4. Customization of trademarks or labels: We also welcome customers to design their own logos and labels. 5. Color / size customization: we can produce products of different colors and sizes according to your requirements. Why choose us: 1. The company was established in 1997, in 17 production experience on producing all kinds of clothes 2. One of our products is carefully designed, including men's / female sportswear, t-shirts, polo shirts, baseball caps, down jackets, vests, uniforms, etc 3. We have a strong procurement team to professionally purchase all materials requirements of customers. 4. We can provide OEM and ODM services according to your special requirements. 5. Our company is located in the capital Beijing, we always provide the best quality products and reasonable prices. 6. We have a professional quality inspection to inspect each manufactured product.
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Thousands of Baidu clothing Guangzhou branch opened! 2017 is destined to be an extraordinary year for Qianbaidu clothing. In the first half of the year, we first set up a branch in Shanghai, an economic and trade center, and in the second half of the year, we set up a new factory in Guangzhou to cope with the increasing order volume, thereby furthering the strategic layout of Qianbaidu. Guangzhou has many advantages in establishing factories. For the clothing industry, Guangzhou has formed a good industrial belt. Compared with the north, it provides more abundant choices in terms of fabrics, accessories, printing and dyeing processes, and also saves a certain amount of production time. Customers provide better service. Beijing Qianbaidu Garment Co., Ltd. was established in 1997 and is a member of the Beijing Gift Circulation Association. The company's brands are cbydo, LEDENSWEISE and Leiden. The main business items are the customization and processing of work clothes, event clothing and brand clothing of major enterprises and institutions. The products are sold throughout the country and exported to Europe, America and Australia. Our main products are: T-shirts, jackets, jackets, down jackets, cotton jackets, sportswear, vests, work clothes, promotional clothing, shirts and brand clothing processing. Thousands of Baidu garments use textile, finishing and manufacturing as a chain, which can be customized according to customer's needs; round neck T-shirts, POLO, assault jackets, and sweatshirts are stocked with more than a dozen colors throughout the year, which can meet customer demand for fast orders . With more than ten years of garment manufacturing experience and good reputation, Qianbaidu has successfully established long-term cooperative relationships with many well-known and top 500 companies in the world. If you have any custom clothing needs, you can contact us. Contact information: Landline: 010-64890815 & ...
2017 - 12 - 08 Release time: 2017-12-08
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秋冬新款看过来  有好礼呦
96 stores big promotion From September 6th, our store can be used for 50 yuan purchase coupons over 800 yuan, support for cross-store use only September 7-September 30, support the coupon shop to use a single order to pay 50 yuan to get 50 yuan Replenishment 劵 Single order paid 600 yuan to send 100 yuan replenishment 劵 Single order paid 900 yuan to send 150 yuan replenishment 劵 In addition, there are coupons in the store to receive the cumulative transaction of the buyer after reaching the transaction threshold At the beginning of next month, you can automatically receive the merchant's rebate amount. A single order is over 300 yuan. A lamb T-shirt is included. An order note. Men's and women's colors and sizes. The following color sizes are available. Autumn and winter new products. Winter jackets. Everyone who lives in yesterday loses. In the past, those who live tomorrow lose the future, and those who live today have the past and the future.
2017 - 09 - 05 Release time: 2017-09-05
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I believe many people don't know how to deal with the floating and fading of fabrics. The fabric floats and fades. The first thing everyone thinks of is hey! The purchase was flawed, and acknowledged the unfortunate ode. Xiaobian tells you that in fact, the color and fading of fabrics are determined by the color process of the manufacturer. This is directly related to the solid color produced by the manufacturer. Many black fabric lines are particularly faded, such as dark jeans. Many people know that new clothes should be bought and washed at home, and some people don't know why this is the case. New clothes have been in a hurry, why do n’t you have time to wash them. Unfortunately, not only the life of the clothes is reduced, but also the waste of resources is wasted. But the new clothes I just bought are not as clean as I do n’t like, not to say that this is not just packing and no one tries them on. It's just the color on the production line on the clothing factory's clothing, the many production workers on the assembly line that printed the various processes touched, and countless devices were erased. The light of these thoughts is hard to accept, and it feels that their new clothes are not so fast for an instant. Although the space is larger than some rich spaces, are these traditional production processes going away? Say we are familiar with the fading of new clothes. I believe that many people don't have too good memories of this issue, and it is even an awkward meeting. I remember I bought a pair of new jeans that were black because the weather was not very good that day and I did n’t wash the clothes directly. As a result, when I took off my clothes at night, I noticed that my thighs were “fading”. Cattle...
2017 - 09 - 02 Release time: 2017-09-02
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Custom fabrics for t-shirts are made of cotton and linen fabrics through scouring, desizing, scouring, oxygen bleaching, and chlorine bleaching (only for linen) into a semi-bleached fabric. Semi-bleached fabric is pre-shaped, dyed, softened, dried, tentered, and finished fabric is shaped. For different fabrics and other factors, they can be simplified, combined, omitted, and added in the actual production process; the methods used for chemistry and technology are also different. The role of each process: (such as corduroy)] desizing: remove fabric (such as corduroy)], the temperature of the fabric and fabric is different. On the mud, make it soft. Ready for subsequent staining. Cooking: Oxygen bleaching: Hydrogen peroxide bleaching, decontamination. Chlorine bleaching: Hemp, sodium hypochlorite is used to oxidize and destroy the dye structure, thereby achieving the purpose of fading, except for impurities. Cotton fabrics are generally not chlorine bleached. Pre-forming: before dyeing, before printing, to prevent dyeing, pull marks after printing, chicken footprints. (Mainly used for stretch fabrics) Dyeing: make clothes for dyeing-dyed fabrics, fabric dyeing, clothing dyeing-semi-bleached cloths. This refers to fabric dyeing. (Incomplete results in positive and negative colors, temperature of the left and right sides of the dyeing machine, and the size of the gas will cause the side) Stretching and shaping: The width and width of the standard width required by the finished fabric need to be vertical and horizontal. In general, linen fabrics need to be more durable than polyester and nylon fabrics. Small batches of flax can be used on smaller packages and the dyeing process is simpler.
2017 - 08 - 31 Release time: 2017-08-31
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T-shirt customization depends on the quantity. If the quantity is more, then it is recommended to choose screen printing. General screen printing includes glue printing, water slurry printing, thick plate printing, etc. The most commonly used are general glue printing and water slurry printing. For example, the last Pizza Hut customized 1000 white T-shirts for college entrance examination promotion activities. , The use of water slurry printing. Advantages of this printing method: better effect, higher fastness, and lower cost for mass customization. Disadvantages are: the cost is high for a small number of editions, one color per edition, the more colors, the higher the edition fee, the greater the cost, and the gradient effect of the pattern cannot make a good effect. If it is a chemical fiber fabric T-shirt, it can be printed by sublimation printing. This printing method requires that the fabric must be purely chemical fiber, and the pattern printed is more realistic. If the number of custom T-shirts is small, then screen printing is not recommended. Thermal transfer printing can be used. The advantage of thermal transfer printing is that there is no need to make a film version. As long as it is a computer version, there are no color restrictions. Printing logos or texts is not recommended for large-area patterns, because there will be a relatively hard film, which is not comfortable enough to wear. Some thermal transfer printing will fall off if washed a few times if the film is not good. It is better to use high quality imported film. The price of thermal transfer printing ranges from a few yuan to tens of yuan, depending on the size and area of the pattern. There is also a state-of-the-art digital direct-injection printing. The advantages of this printing: any pattern can be pictures or text, the printing effect is realistic, without MOQ, one can be printed, or it can be printed on clothing. Disadvantages: It can only be applied to cotton fabrics, and the size and position are also limited. Generally, the front chest and back are mainly used, and the cost is relatively large. Normally, an A4 size print ...
2017 - 08 - 30 Release time: 2017-08-30
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Tanabata Valentine's Day has been launched for single dogs, please evacuate after all ... after all, someone else is walking on the street today ... others are in the cinema ... others are in the restaurant ... even my father has to call Greetings: Have you ever lived alone on Qixi Festival this year? Today I booked a restaurant with your mother for dinner. You call for takeaway and you can only be single. Do n’t be sad. Do n’t be sad. The intimate editor will send you a guide. Find a corner to hide. I'm so busy pretending that I'm with my couple on Valentine's Day. Where do lovers go? That's right, the cinema! Then go to the movie theater to reserve a room and ask your friends, family and friends to buy all the movie tickets for the movie theater on the day of Qixi. Yes, it ’s wayward! Raiders Three Valentine's Day, what's the most popular? Roses, yes, it ’s roses. Then make an appointment in advance for the city ’s roses. Guidebook IV. Couples who have booked all the restaurants, still have a candlelight dinner for Valentine's Day? I have booked all the couple seats in the restaurant suitable for couples, but I wo n’t give you a seat! (The above Raiders are purely funny ~) The five strongest Raiders are: Before you meet the right person, all you can do is work hard to make yourself better, such as reading more and exercising more. Love and be loved on Qixi Festival It is the hardest but sweetest practice in this world. I hope you can have such luck, meet someone, and go to the end with this life. May everyone can meet the love in their dreams. May the love be beautiful and look back over the years. May the love be with you for a long time. Love said loudly that I heard that the most beautiful encounter in the world is to rub shoulders, the most beautiful vow is a lie, the most beautiful love was yesterday, and the most beautiful thought is never to meet. Show your story on the message. We will pick out three of them to send out new sweaters. Two pieces have not yet been sold. Early access. The new release will be released soon ...
2017 - 08 - 30 Release time: 2017-08-30
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1. Ordinary cotton fabric casual T-shirts are more custom made using ordinary cotton fabrics. This fabric T-shirt is comfortable to wear, but slightly worse, it is more prone to wrinkles and easy to deform after water. 2. The mercerized cotton fabric uses ordinary cotton fabric. The T-shirt of this fabric is comfortable to wear. The mercerized cotton fabric uses cotton as the raw material and is made of the highest knitting yarn. Then it is made smooth and soft by special processing processes such as scorching and mercerization. Wrinkle-resistant high-quality mercerized yarn. The high-quality knitted fabric made from this material not only retains the natural characteristics of raw cotton, but also has the general luster of silk. The fabric feels soft, breathable, elastic and drape; plus rich colors, comfortable and free wearing, fully reflects Temperament and taste of the wearer. 3. Pure cotton double mercerized fabric Cotton double-sided mercerized fabric is the “double-burning double thread” of cotton products. With mercerized mercerized mercerized yarn as the raw material, refer to CAD computer-aided design system and CAM computer-aided production system to quickly weave design fabrics. Carding, mercerizing, after a series of finishing, this high-grade knitted fabric is produced. The fabric has clear lines, bright flowers, smooth luster, and feels better than mercerizing cotton. However, due to the need for two mercerizing finishing, the price is slightly more expensive. 4. Ultra-high count pure cotton fabrics This kind of fabric is rarely used by companies because the price is very expensive. The price of 120 gauze cotton T-shirt fabrics is as high as 170 yuan per kilogram, while the price of 200 gauze cotton T-shirt fabrics is higher. Kilograms, and 250 yarns of cotton T-shirt fabric requires 1,800 pounds, which has not yet been produced in China. For T-shirts, cultural shirts, common fabrics for production of cotton, polyester-cotton single-sided and double-sided cotton, polyester-cotton hexagonal, quadrangular mesh, herringbone, compound ribs, silk, etc. Not easily deformed, but slightly less comfortable to wear than cotton. Common characteristics of polyester-cotton fabrics: soft and thick feel, not easy to deform in washing, but wearing comfort is slightly worse than cotton. Ordinary polyester cotton is 80% cotton, ...
2017 - 08 - 24 Release time: 2017-08-24
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服装人的痛  你永远不懂
The clothing industry's exclusive segment, ABOUT, the clothing industry has tested the psychological quality of life. Shanda has a relaxing topic today. How can a person who is a clothing company not come to laugh at himself? 01 I came to a customer today, chatting and chatting, the customer suddenly said to me: People are like your clothes, but the price is much cheaper than you. I laughed without saying a word, then took out my iPhone7, skillfully opened the back cover, took out the battery, blew the ash inside, and skillfully installed the battery, and covered the back cover! Say to customers: laugh! This is just new on the Internet, the appearance is the same, 598 yuan, but also dual card dual standby! The customer smiled and said: Continue to the topic we just had! ——Quality, no explanation required How can I spend the days when money is tight, I can only buy rice soup if I want to buy clothes again, so I have to pay back the money and let me have enough food. I do n’t worry about it. Before I did clothing, I was always tired, back pain, leg cramps. , Whole body fatigue, no energy! Hey, once you get into clothing, your waist is not sore, your legs are not cramped, your hands have become more flexible, you are not tired, and you have become energetic. If you are not energetic, customers will run! The amount of food has also gone up, and I used to feel that it was not tasteful-picky eaters! Put on clothes and have no more meals. Hungry, so hungry! If you are hungry, you can eat whatever you like. The clothing industry has caught up with the doctor: cure! If you have anorexia, dizziness, fatigue, cramps and other symptoms, then make clothes! Guaranteed effect! 05 Now I'm shouting for fever, I recommend a few ...
2017 - 08 - 23 Release time: 2017-08-23
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